(SPRING 2023)

WILL DO: animals, furry/anthro characters, monsters, pets, machinery, non-sexual nudity, abstraction, gore.

WON'T DO: human faces, copyrighted characters, or anything I find uncomfortable.

REQUIREMENTS: a picture reference of your character and payment upfront via PayPal invoice. I also appreciate any additional details about your character that may help me portray them better.

YOU GET: a digital (.png or .jpg) full-sized copy of your commission sent via site link (eisly.neocities!). May take 1-4 weeks to complete depending on demand. Please let me know beforehand if you would like a background and also if you'd like an in-progress picture sent to you. I try to take these right after finishing the sketch.

TERMS: Please do not claim this art as your own or heavily edit it. Do not sell or reproduce it for profit. I retain the right to use and post the art I create.

EDITS: I will do one free edit per commission if you would like changes made to the in-progress picture, but can discuss prices for further edits.

CONTACT: nzwayer@gmail.com or direct message on Tumblr @eisly.